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What's up lately - I'm working at MarqMetrix as VP of Software Engineering.

Taking Laser Spectroscopy to the Azure Cloud and IOT CORE app development. WIN10 IOT CORE allows highly secure embedded devices which can use the Azure IOT HUB for management. IOT stands for the Internet Of Things and is sometimes called IoT. See the most recent projects for more info.

I'm also now a member of the NMEA (National Marine Electronics Association). Starting a new company MarineIOT LLC and doing business as BlueOceanIOT™ to manufacture NMEA2000 devices and systems software for the Internet Of Things (IOT).

marine iot device link

this website is always => under reconstruction

Skill sets

Many people ask my what I do and what are my skill sets. Well after 39 years in the software and hardware development business I've seen and done a lot. Most of the skill sets are base on Microsoft and Intel technologies. I could write volumes of information, but can summarize. Click on the learn more button for more detail.

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Recent project history

Even though the most extensive list can be viewed on LinkedIn. However some companies don't allow project information to be shared. Clicking on the button you can see more elborated information than my resume will allow.

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NOAA weather for Puget Sound

I frequently create programs to access NOAA weather buoy information. I live on the water in Seattle, WA and frequently go boating and fishing. So it's nice to have the weather data at you finger tips.

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